Tour List and Location Highlights Home Page (article)

Susana Moleón Moya
Susana Moleón Moya
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You have 2 options available for lists of tours on the home page.

1) Tour List block

We recommend this for an automatic list of tours from TourCMS. You can hand select what tours appear, either using exact ID numbers, categories or location. Alternatively, you can let TourCMS' automatic algorithm show your top tours by leaving the fields in this block blank. 

You might like to create a "Featured" category in TourCMS, tag tours with this category, and link the tour list block to this category.

More info here on how to set up categories:

If you don't have this block on your site and would like it, it's called "Dojo TourCMS Tour List Blocks Block"

You can add it to your home page. Please remember to apply the custom template "Home" to the block after you have added it in.

Want badges on your tours? Find out how here:






2) Location Highlights

We recommend this for categorisation of groups of tours - e.g. City Tours, Walking Tours, XYZ Location Tours.

This block gives you flexibility to add in an image, text, and link of your choosing.

Login to your website

Edit home page

Add block to "Location Area"

Search for "Location Highlight"

Choose image, add in paragraphtext (choosing paragraph format will result in well-styled overlay text), and add in a link to a page on your website.

NOTE: if your site is in beta mode, do not add in a link to your domain alias (e.g. as this will break when your site goes live. You can instead use what's called a relative link, e.g. /city-tours).