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Susana Moleón Moya
Susana Moleón Moya
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If you have a multi-lingual website, you may need to translate some of the template code into your non-English language variation. 

To do so, login to your website, search for "translate site interface"

Click "Reload Strings" to make sure you get a scan of all the latest updates

Then choose the edit button next to the language you want to edit.

Search for the English word / phrase you want to translate. Click on it, provide your translation.

Save & Continue, then Save to File

Your newly translated content should then appear on your website.

If in not appearing yet, clear the cache. (search "clear cache" in dashboard search box)







Sometimes you might see some strange symbols like  % 1$s in the translation interface. This is because, other languages have different sentence structures than English. What this does is lets you put a dynamically generated bit of text anywhere in your sentence.


Checkout complete page

"Your XXXCompanyName booking is complete"

The XXXCompanyName is an automatically generated piece of text.

This will appear in translate site interface as

Your %1$sbooking is complete.

You can now alter that sentence

Ihre %1$s Buchung ist abgeschlossen

Or move the %1$s to wherever you like in that sentence





Searching - you can search in English or your other language for items to translate. If the text you want to translate has not been previously translated, you must search for the English version.

If you can't find the text click "Reload Strings" as per top of this article explanation.

If you still can't find the text, try searching for only a portion of the text.


Your XXXCompanyName booking is complete

try searching for booking is complete only

(Searching in German works too, not just English)