How to pull Feefo ratings into TourCMS? (article only for Gray Line licensees)

Patrick Schlatter
Patrick Schlatter
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What does it mean?

Feefo is a cloud-based consumer review and rating management software which enables companies to collect, manage and respond to consumer feedback.

TourCMS Feefo integration enables TourCMS to cache tour star ratings and review counts and make them available via the TourCMS API for use on websites, or for distribution to OTAs. Once Feefo is configured TourCMS will refresh your rating data on a daily basis. 


Where can I find it?

You can find it in the "Third party integrations" section by going to Configuration > System & Setup.


How to enable Feefo?

To enable TourCMS feefo integration head to Configuration > System & Setup and then click on the Feefo logo.


You will be taken to a page where you will need to provide your Feefo Merchant ID and SKU Pattern.

Here you can easily enable or disable this feature with a checkbox:



Merchant ID - Lets TourCMS know how Feefo identify your account. You can obtain this from Feefo if you don’t know it. Alternatively, if you would like to take advantage of Feefo Syndicated reviews, you can now use the Merchant ID gray-line
For more information on syndicated reviews, see here: Gray Line Licensee Feefo Review Syndication

SKU Pattern - Lets TourCMS know how your tours are identified within Feefo SKU. If your Feefo SKU is simply your TourCMS Tour ID just enter {{tour_id}} in the box. We recommend to use the tour id or unique id as part of the SKU pattern.

The full list of tokens you can use in the SKU pattern are:

{{tour_id}} - TourCMS auto-generated ID number for your tour

 - This is the unique ID found in your tour settings

{{supplier_tour_code}} - This is the supplier tour code you have entered in your tour settings, under the operations/suppliers tab

For example if your Feefo SKU for your tours was the text ExampleTours followed by a hyphen and then your TourCMS tour ID (e.g. Tour ID 10 was ExampleTours-10) you would enter ExampleTours-{{tour_id}} into the SKU pattern box.


Save your settings and TourCMS will cache your ratings overnight. 


Viewing your tour ratings

In TourCMS back office, head to Products > Tours and you will see star ratings if you are viewing in the gallery view. 





Additionally ratings are shown in the Setup page for each tour.




Rating data is returned in TourCMS Search Tours and Show Tours API endpoints, additionally the Search Tours endpoint allows returning tours with the best rated first. 



Disabling Feefo

To stop TourCMS processing your Feefo ratings, head back into the Feefo settings page in TourCMS and un-check the "Active" box.


Removing existing Feefo ratings from TourCMS

To immediately remove any cached Feefo ratings from TourCMS, scroll a little further down on TourCMS' Feefo settings page and click the Remove all ratings from TourCMS button.