TourCMS Release Notes - June 2023

Blanca Castillo
Blanca Castillo
  • Updated
  • Allow searching by (part) Supplier Tour Code in “Tours” and “Markup” pages

It is now possible to search for tours using the “Supplier Tour Code” in the tour search field. The tour pages in the back office also now search against this field.


  • Make departure ID more easily visible in back office

Every departure has a unique identifier in the system and now it’s visible on the Tours > Dates & Prices tab. 


  • Get Your Guide improvements: Add language to component as component note

TourCMS is able to pull the chosen language on GetYourGuide into the product note on the component in the booking, this way the operator can look at the booking screen in TourCMS or confirmation email to see the language selected. E.g. Language: pt for Portuguese. 


  • GetYourGuide improvements: Price push

TourCMS is able to push price changes for whitelisted products in GYG. This means if an operator pushes a price change to TourCMS it will be quickly reflected on GetYourGuide.