Release Notes - TourCMS - Back office 6.17.0

Blanca Castillo
Blanca Castillo
  • Updated


  • Now possible to remove all pickup points from a tour via the back office with a single click. Previously this would take lots of clicks.
  • In TourCMS back office for a long time we have had the ability to create a new tour as a copy of an existing tour. Previously it was not possible to choose not to copy pickups. As of last release there is a new checkbox for this.
  • Many objects in TourCMS can be mapped to supplier subsystems via a special code field, however no such field was present on hotel pickups. A new field has been added for this, making integrating pickups into supplier subsystems easier.
  • TourCMS back office has for a long time featured a “Webhook tester tool” which allows Palisis staff and power users to test and debug check avail / booking webhooks to supplier subsystems. Selecting a tour from a long list was not particularly user friendly, as the tour list was just a standard HTML select. Now the list of tours is searchable by name and tour id.