Release Notes - TourCMS - Core 6.25.0

Blanca Castillo
Blanca Castillo
  • Updated


  • We finish our improvements to how TourCMS processes API log requests into our DB. We use these API logs to check for issues customers report, or to help identify problem users. The last changes we make are to move the API log to it’s own Database instance and improve performance deletion of older logs.
  • New endpoint to to view the overall list of custom fields available on an account. Please, visit our official documentation here.

  • The Update Tour endpoint custom field handling has been fixed. Additionally so has the Create tour endpoint. Please, visit the API documentation here.

  • New OpenAPI spec for the TourCMS API. We hope to bring older endpoints also into this documentation format in future, starting with our most used ones.

  • Recently TourCMS started adding an audit trail entry to booking screens when a webhook first fails, to allow users to see that TourCMS did infact send one, but their subsystem did not accept it. The design of this message has been improved to push the human readable text above the debug information.

  • A double space has long been present in the XML response to TourCMS Check Availability API. While this was perfectly valid from an XML perspective, some users of non-standard parsers occasionally raised it as an issue. This double space has now been removed.