Release Notes - TourCMS - Back office 6.19.1, 6.19.2, 6.20.0, 6.21.0 and 6.21.1

Blanca Castillo
Blanca Castillo
  • Updated


  • Tracking parameters for Google Things to Do

Functionality allowing users to configure additional tracking parameters to their tour URLs for Google Things to Do. For more information, please visit our support article here.



  • Extend mass deletion departure tool
  • Show mass deletion departure tool filters when more than one option

For additional details, kindly refer to our support article here.



  • Unable to delete a customer.
  • Channel can't changed in Channel Manager.
  • Fix Product filter settings link.
  • Fix IPN Pingback URL in Paypal settings.
  • Extra space being rendered in the tour edit popup
  • File not Found Error when saving changes on extra customer data fields
  • Tracking parameters input not clear
  • “Final Check" in Booking general settings never appears checked on page load
  • OTA Promo Image Upload not working
  • Point of Sale API setting should not be on supplier users
  • Can't select a file to upload in Channel Manager Design Look & Feel
  • Partner Portal - Supplier Info Short Description Weird Chars