Release Notes - TourCMS - Back office 6.22.0, 6.23.0 and 6.23.1

Blanca Castillo
Blanca Castillo
  • Updated


  • Webhook tester agent credentials

For a while now, the TourCMS back office has included a webhook tester tool accessible via Settings > Webhooks > Webhook tester tool. This tool provides users and developers with a convenient interface for generating and debugging availability and booking webhooks.

Previously, the tool always utilized the "Default agent credentials" when making calls to the subsystem. However, there's now a new feature that allows users to select and send the webhooks using the credentials of any agent within their account.

For additional details, please refer to our Help Center support article here.


  • Email health page

We've introduced a new Email Health page in the back office, accessible via Settings > Email Health. This page displays a list of domains from which the TourCMS account has recently sent emails, along with a summary of their email setup. This feature is crucial because more and more receiving mail servers are filtering messages from improperly configured email domains into spam or rejecting them outright.

For detailed guidance, please refer to our Help Center support article here.




  • [Backoffice] Labels missing for promo codes

A small bugfix: when the promo codes page was brought into the new design, it was missing some labels, making it not obvious what things did.

  • Swap to Alternative Room Not Working

A bugfix on hotel functionality related to swapping rooms.