Release Notes - TourCMS - Core 6.29.2, 6.30.0, 6.30.1 and 6.30.2

Blanca Castillo
Blanca Castillo
  • Updated


  • Max departures count per account

As a standard setting, we've implemented a default limit of 20,000 departures per tour. We're dedicated to offering increased flexibility and functionality to accommodate your requirements.


  • <Created_date> in Search Tours response

Previously, it was possible to search tours by their creation date, but the actual creation date wasn't provided in the API response. We've now rectified this by adding the creation date, labelled as <created_date>, to the Search Tours endpoint. This change brings consistency with the existing format found in the Show Tour endpoint, making it easier to access tour creation dates through the API.


  • Bug with uploaded barcodes checking avail for too much quantity.

A small bugfix release. In some cases where TourCMS checks availability for too many barcodes, the availability check can fail.

  • Rates names not correct in webhooks.

A small bugfix in Check Availability webhooks. When posting to the subsystem the list of departures TourCMS thinks are available, the note field was not properly formatted befor.