How to set up the AI Chatbot

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Where do I find it?




What does it mean?

The AI Chatbot is a virtual assistant to help end users, providing information about destinations, and attractions, and answering common questions travelers may have. In the future, the AI Chatbots could assist with itinerary planning, bookings, suggesting activities, and offering personalized recommendations to enhance the user's overall travel experience.

The AI Chatbot can be implemented for all the TourCMS accounts.

We have divided the project into different stages. As of now, we have completed version 1 of this project, which includes a 'Manage My Booking' page where customers can cancel their own bookings after requesting assistance from the Chatbot. For version 1, this primarily involves sending an email to the lead customer containing a secret link, valid for 2 hours, to a new 'Cancel My Booking' hosted page. If the booking is direct (i.e., not associated with an agent) and is not blocked by a cancellation policy, then the customer can proceed with the cancellation.

Currently, it is only possible to cancel bookings through the page. However, in the future, additional functionalities may be added to the hosted page for managing bookings.

Please, note that the Chatbot can only access the TourCMS API endpoints available for agents.


What should I do?

If you would like to try out the new AI Chatbot please reach out our Palisis Support Team by writing to or contact a member of our Customer Success Team, and let them know which Channel(s) you would like to set up a Chatbot for (max one Channel per home URL domain) and which Channels the bot should be able to access bookings on and they will connect you.

Once the agent has been connected, navigate to CONFIGURATION > SYSTEM & SETUP > AI Chatbot to set up the chatbot according to your preferences.



Here you can enter the following settings:

  • Enable: This will let you turn the bot on/off for that channel.
  • Bot name: Enter a name for the chatbot, this is the name your users will see when they access the bot Example:


  • FAQs: Create some frequently asked questions the bot should be able to answer. Beyond those, it can already answer them based on your TourCMS product data. Enter some FAQs.

image (1).webp


Contact Links

Afterward, if you haven’t already, you can enter the contact links by clicking on the ‘Edit’ icon. You will be redirected to the ‘Edit Website Channel’ page where you should enter the privacy policy and contact page URLs. These links will be displayed on the hosted cancel page that the system sends via email to end users to cancel their bookings.

image (2).webp



Finally, you can create specific email templates for the chatbot. If you click on the ‘Edit’ icon, you will be redirected to the Channel Manager >Email Templates page where you can create your email templates for the ‘Confirmed Booking email’, ‘Manage Booking email’ and the ‘Refund notification email’ for your staff:

image (3).webp

image (4).webp

For more information about ‘Email Templates’ please visit the related resources here:



  1. I want to run the Chatbot on multiple domains (“”, “”), what do I do?

    If you have a Channel in TourCMS for each domain you can configure each Chatbot separately by selecting the appropriate Channel from the dropdown list, enabling the bot, and then filling out your FAQs, etc.

  2. My website domain name (e.g. “”) has changed

    Contact Palisis support to request a change to your bot domain.

  3. I have multiple Channels on the same domain, what do I do?

    You will only be able to configure one Chatbot per domain.

    Ask Palisis support to connect up all of the Channels the bot should be able to access bookings on. From that list of channels decide on the main Channel to use for your bot, “Enable” and configure FAQs for your bot only on that main Channel. The bot will still be able to help your customer with bookings on the other Channels.

  4. I made changes to my Bot name / FAQ how quickly will changes appear

    Changes are synchronized daily overnight.


  5. What happens if I have multiple languages on my site? 

Case 1: The users can select the language on the website from a dropdown list, but the domain is the same.

The Chatbot auto detects the language and it automatically displays the same. Although, the end user can change the selected language by selecting a new one from the dropdown list. For all FAQs the chatbot will understand in any language however the output of fixed related data will come based on the Tourcms settings.

Case 2: The website domain differs for each language.

You can create a different chatbot for each domain. Look at question number 1.