Release Notes - TourCMS - Core 6.39.0 and 6.40.0

Blanca Castillo
Blanca Castillo
  • Updated


  • Add support for new filters to webhook tester tool
  • \[Tour importer improvements\] Tour List
  • \[Tour importer improvements\] Queue tour for import
  • \[API\] Ensure fields not in restrict array is ignored and deleted if not in the reject array
  • Tweak list pickup routes endpoint
  • Chatbot preview / install link
  • \[Core\] Fix API auto loader to support /c/ and /p/ endpoints
  • Add timezone information to Show Channel

It’s now possible to see the default timezone (e.g. Europe/London) for a given Channel via the Show Channel API.

  • \[Backoffice\] Use \{ instead of \{\{ to chatbot link placeholders
  • Tweak preview & install links


  • Currently showing incorrect status of booking \(expired quotation/expired provisional\) in search booking list
  • \[Core\] RTU is setting supplier currency always when channel prices