Release Notes - TourCMS - Back office 6.32.0, 6.33.0, 6.33.1 and 6.32.2

Blanca Castillo
Blanca Castillo
  • Updated


  • Add support for new filters to webhook tester tool

Recently TourCMS Check Availability API was extended with the ability for API implementers to filter the results by start time, supplier note etc. This can speed up Check Availability requests, particularly where a supplier subsystem is involved. For more information, please visit our support article here.

  • \[Tour importer improvements\] Tour List
  • \[Tour importer improvements\] Queue tour for import
  • \[Backoffice\] Maintain toggle notes in the departures screen

When viewing “Dates and prices” on departure based tours, it is no longer needed to click “Toggle notes” each time the page loads, the setting is maintained between pages, or even on repeat visits to the page. For more information, please, visit our support article here.

  • Chatbot preview / install link

The AI Chatbot settings page has a new “Preview” and “Install” link allowing users an easy way to check if their bot is working, and also get the code to add to their website. For more information, please, visit our support article here.



  • Webhooks UI response content overflows table
  • \[Backoffice\] Edit this account interface fixes
  • Error saving tours \(possibly Hotel tours?\) main settings page
  • Error replicating due to unescaped reserved word as column name
  • \[Backoffice\] Max tour numbers does not change in edit this account
  • \[Backoffice\] DB partition not showing correctly UI causes issues