Violeta Yonkova
Violeta Yonkova
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Occasionally, our customers report an issue where TourCMS is showing all of their product page URLs with a red asterisk in TourCMS. This results in products being unbookable via TourCMS Booking Engine.

First step would be to make sure that the URLs entered on TourCMS are opening up to a live URL page without any error message.

If that's the case, then issue is likely due to the website on the URL using CloudFlare and blocking TourCMS as a part of its bot checking / redirecting process.

To solve this, simply whitelist TourCMS IP address in CloudFlare. The option to whitelist in CloudFlare is under Security and then click WAF. You will then see a tab called Tools. If TourCMS IP address is not listed, add it and set to Allow. 

View TourCMS external IP address



Please advise the support team once the changes has been applied.


In addition, please, note TourCMS public IP address may change if there is a major infrastructure change in the future.


For TourCMS Support team: To verify whether a site uses CloudFlare , you can check your browser developer tools network tab for CloudFlare. Alternatively, try a tool that will check for you, e.g.