Create/Add Rates & Schedules (article)

Susana Moleón Moya
Susana Moleón Moya
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Once you have created your tour with descriptions and images, then you can go through the creation/addition of rates & schedules in the "Dates & Prices" section of your tour.


In order to create a schedule for an entire season or for a certain period of time, you should scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the link "1 day tour/activity generator", that's the only way to massively create departures. Please note that the section "CREATE A NEW SINGLE DEPARTURE DATE" will generate a single departure for a single date.


Set the Start and End dates of your season as well as the days this tour will run (by default all the days are selected, so you only have to untick the days where the tour is not running).


After that, you can enter the "Customer price" and/or "Supplier price" (if applicable) associated with each "rate type".


"Product note" is a public field you can use to communicate the difference between two otherwise identical departures to the customer, for instance, it could stand a different value for each channel due to the language can be different for each channel, so you can select the appropriate option from the drop-down list (if applicable - entered in Rate Types Price Notes Dropdown). Otherwise, you may enter Price and Supplier Notes as needed.

The "Supplier note" is a private field used for mappings with some OTAs and connections. Therefore, for the moment, you can ignore this field.

Finally, click on "Create Departures".


The new schedule will display now. Every departure will contain the following information in columns:

- Start/End date

- Price for each rate

- Product note

- Quantity of Quotation/Provisional/Confirmed bookings

- Available spaces

- Status (Open or Closed)

- Close: if you tick this box the departure will be manually closed Block information, Supplier note (if applicable), Offer prices (if applicable) and Offer note (if applicable). If you click on the DELETE label, you will delete this single departure.

- Block information: how many places are blocked and what's the current capacity

- Supplier note (if applicable)

- Offer prices (if applicable)

- Offer note (if applicable)

If you click on the "trash icon", you will delete this single departure.


If you have multiple departures to add (ex. Morning & Afternoon Departures) or more than one "Product note", then repeat these steps to add another departure schedule. 

Note: Please note that all pricing must be loaded in the base currency previously selected by your company. This is typically your local currency, but in some cases may be another such as USD or Euro. When entering rates, please pay attention to the currency symbol being used by your system.