Check Tour Availability webhook (article)

Susana Moleón Moya
Susana Moleón Moya
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What does it mean?

Called when a request is made to the Check Tour Availability API. TourCMS will expect a response indicating which dates provided in the payload are available and optionally the total price to charge the client.

Can be used alongside the various Managing dates and prices outside of TourCMS APIs and the post-booking webhook to keep TourCMS in sync with a third party reservation system. Alternatively TourCMS can carry out the integration work for you by adding your reservation system to our Sync tool - contact us by writing an email to for more information.


A call is made to the Check Tour Availability API that would return dates TourCMS thinks are available.

Currently only fired for "Departures", not "Freesale Seasons" or "Hotel" type dates - those currently continue to be booked without calling the webhook).


Configure your URL in Configuration > System & Setup > Webhooks and TourCMS will immediately begin checking it for availability data, to remove the check just remove the URL.

You can use the 'Webhook tester tool' to test and debug your booking webhook simulating a 'Check Availability' call from an agent.



Please, find more information about the Check Tour Availability webhook here.