Gray Line Product Badges (article):

Susana Moleón Moya
Susana Moleón Moya
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Use a code in Tour Description > Custom Fields > A2 custom field. Only one code may be used per tour. 

SO : Likely To Sell Out

NT : New Tour

BS : Bestseller

ET : Essential Tour

MS : Must See

PT : Private Tour

To remove a badge, delete the code.

NOTE: a1 & a2 custom fields are slow to update in TCMS' cache, especially on tour list pages. Please be patient when awaiting to see these update on your website.

NOTE: Special Offer badge is generated automatically when a tour has a special offer price configured in TourCMS. More info: 






Data is not updating? - Clear your Cache

If you do not have the a2 Product Badges field in TourCMS, you can easily create it.

Login to TourCMS

Homepage > Configuration > System & Setup > Extra tour content fields

Create a new content field

Name: a2 Product Badges

Tag: badges

Type: Single text line

Once this has been completed, start from the top of this article