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Susana Moleón Moya
Susana Moleón Moya
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What does it mean?

We explain in this article how to edit or add a "Tour List Page" to your website.


What should I do?

You can add as many Tour List pages to your website as you like. The most common way of doing this is configuring "Categories" in TourCMS & tagging your tours with your categories via TourCMS. Once you've done this, you can log into your website, create a new page for your tour list, and hook it up to one of your categories. 

Example as follows:

Inside TourCMS, you can create as many categories as you like. The "Group" names for the categories should be generic, as they cannot be searched on & are not of that much use other than your own organisation. Some example Groups:

  1. Activity 
  2. Location
  3. Region
  4. Feature

You do not have to use all groups, depending upon your needs. 

Once you have some groups, and categories set up, you can go ahead and tag tours with these categories.





Now you have some tours tagged with categories, now go to your website.

Login to your website.


Then go to Pages > Add New to create the Tour List page if you still don't have any. If you already have one, then go to Pages > Edit.

From there, you need to select the "Tour Search Page" template.

You can add in your SEO info for the page now, or later.

Then you need to chose one of the methods (only one) for delivering a subset of tours on the tour list page. And you have to enter the required information for the chosen method:

  • Method 1: Tour ids you want to display on the page, comma separated.
  • Method 2:  Enter your desired category. E.g. "category=Full Day Tours"
  • Method 3:  Enter the location.

Finally, finish editing the page, and save.


Voila, a list of tours appears tagged with your category.





No list of tours appears?

  • Clear your cached TourCMS data (see how here: How to Clear Your Cache)
  • Have you tagged any tours with the category via TourCMS?
  • Have you only recently tagged tours with the category in TourCMS? TourCMS' cache might need some time to update
  • Have you included "category=" as a prefix?
  • Category typo - is there a typo or white space in your category name, does it match exactly the category in TourCMS?
  • If it does match exactly, try deleting it, and typing it in by hand, sometimes copying & pasting can insert invisible text


Heading (H1) and info

It is advisable to have a header for your page, and somebody text for SEO & Google page ranking. However, you can delete this block if you want. 


Changing Header Image

 You can change the header image for each Tour List page. Go to Pages > click on Edit the Tour list page and then click on "Features image" on the right side, select the image and click on "Set featured image".




Further Reading

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