Single traveller / occupancy supplement (article)

Susana Moleón Moya
Susana Moleón Moya
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A fairly common use of TourCMS options is to provide supplements for those traveling on their own or upgrades for those wanting their own room, this document outlines this process.

There are different ways to apply single occupancy pricing, depending on how you would like to present the choice/supplement to the customer:

  1. This tutorial explains how you can automatically include an additional charge for bookings with only 1 person on (Solo traveler supplement) or give members of groups the ability to request their own room by paying an additional supplement (Own room supplement)
  2. Alternatively, if you wanted to apply a supplement automatically when there is an odd number on the booking then take a look at the odd group size supplement tutorial
  3. Alternatively, you could use two rate types - one for single occupancy and one for shared occupancy, this does mean loading two prices for each duration/season and you are relying on the customer to choose the correct number of each
  4. Finally, if you require more granular control over room bookings consider using TourCMS Hotel functionality which allows for complex room occupancy level pricing that can go much farther than single occupancy supplements

If you aren't sure which approach to take please do contact us. 

In this example

The example below walks through creating a "Solo traveler supplement" option however it also details the changes that would be needed to create an optional "Own room supplement".

1: Creating the option

Head into the "Options" section of TourCMS, key in the name of your option and choose a "Type" - this "Type" allows you to group related options together for reporting and display on the booking engine but otherwise has no effect.


2: Dates & Prices

In "Dates & Prices" we need to create a season for the date band we want "Solo traveler supplement" to be available for (or multiple seasons if our prices/costs vary throughout the year). Here we are loading a rate of 50€ throughout 2020. (We define whether this is a one-off 50€ per Tour or whether it's a nightly fee in "3: Setup & Content" below).



We don't want this item to apply to bookings where there's more than 1 person so once your new season is created click on "Pricing table", set the "Can book?" for 1 to "Restricted" and "Can book?" 2-30 all as "No" (Skip this step if you are creating an optional "Own room supplement" for large groups).

Save your changes and then go back into "Pricing table" and it should look like this:



3: Setup & Content

In "Setup" for this Option configure the following:

  1. Under the "General" tab set Visibility to Public
    This will cause the Option to apply during the online booking process
  2. Under the "Money" tab set the Duration rule to "Nights"
    This way however long our Tours are the price we have entered will be multiplied by the number of nights on the Tour. If we instead wanted the price to be 50€ one-off fee regardless of tour duration we could set the "Duration rule" to "Quantity" (the default).
  3. Under the "Booking Engine" tab set Included with the booking by default to "Included (no removal)"
    This forces the item on (remember as we set up the price table earlier this will only apply to bookings with 1 person). If you are instead creating an optional "Own room supplement" for larger groups just leave this setting as "Not included".
  4. Still under the "Booking Engine" tab, this time down in the "Advanced settings" section set Check option price table against to "Number of people on the booking"
    If your tours have multiple rates/rooms then the default behavior of TourCMS would apply our supplement when there was one person on a rate/in a room, rather than one person on a booking. This setting fixes that.

Save your changes and head into "Descriptions" for this Option and set the "per" field to "Night".

Finally head into the "Tours/Hotels" section of TourCMS and associating the option to any of the tours/hotels it's valid for before trying to make a booking.


Try making a booking

Once complete the new option should look like this when making a booking (for 1 person) via the public facing booking engine (note the item is auto-added and cannot be removed).


Extra tips

If you are creating an optional "Own room supplement" you may want to consider adding some text to the booking engine explaining the option to the customer. To do this from the TourCMS homepage click "Websites" then "Booking Engine" for your website and scroll down to "Second page (options)" and enter your explanation in the "Base text" field.