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Susana Moleón Moya
Susana Moleón Moya
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The TourCMS Marketplace widget system enables you to put your tours on a partner website with a single line of code. No complicated API integrations yet you can control the content on your own account and ensure that partner websites present current content. The widgets drive traffic to your website (for you to deal directly with the consumer) via the 365-day cookie-based tracking system built into TourCMS. You can create affiliate or agent commission-based relationships powered by this functionality. Capabilities Filter by keyword, country, sale currency, content language and/or geocode Partners can list tours/hotels from multiple TourCMS accounts in one widget or just pick a single account Location-based - e.g. list all tours/hotels near a location ordered by proximity - ideal for destination marketing Able to exclude tours/hotels that include accommodation components - meaning you can partner with campsites/hotels to feature tours near their location without commercial conflict Remove the show next / back page navigation buttons - e.g. if you just want to feature 4 tours Based on the tour search API method Your partner will need a (free) TourCMS Marketplace agent account to use this functionality (sign up)

Single line of JavaScript easy to give to a partner... For example:

<script asynctype="text/javascript"src="https://mp.tourcms.com/w/pw.php?type=tourSearch&mp=126&chan=5862&qs=lang=en&per_page=2&page=1&pagination=no&theme=bs"></script>

...produces the following (without page navigation)...


... mobile-first responsive design, adjusts to device/page width...


... a ticker ...


... in a variety of different colours, with or without pagination...



... or tours/activities near a geographic point...


...Spanish ar any other 22+ supported languages...


How many tours can you put in a single widget?
Normally we suggest you limit to 10 tours in a widget (on a single screen). The limit is defined by the API call (limited to 200 per screen). A really silly example showing you a widget with 200 tours in!

Can we put a widget on your own website? (A TourCMS supplier)
Widgets are primarily designed to go on agent / affiliate websites, however you can place them on your own website. Just make sure that (for any widgets going on your own website) when you generate the widget you set the "TourCMS Marketplace partner" to "None (use on your own website)".

Steps to getting started - supplier side

  1. Set up your company information (In your main login - go to TourCMS Marketplace - configure channel)
  2. Ensure some of your tour products have tour descriptions (Marketplace fields). At least 1 product image is required as well. If you go into the TourCMS Marketplace you will see at the top a notification for which tours have complete / incomplete data
  3. Upgrade to a paying TourCMS account :)
  4. Sign up your agents / affiliates - sign up form.
  5. Find your agents / affiliates in the TourCMS Marketplace and create a connection to the ones you want to work with. You can associate them with an existing agent record or create a new agent record

Technical implementation details

  • Single line of JavaScript can be added to any website by anyone
  • Use the widget builder inside TourCMS (and Marketplace partner login) to build correct code
  • If using in HTTPS, change the SRC to https and the system will work securely
  • It is possible to change the parameters in the JavaScript within your own code. E.g. if you have 30 destinations you are producing widgets for you don't need to use the widget builder system each time
  • Works on conventional web pages as well as TypePad, Blogger, MovableType, WordPress, SquareSpace
  • Separate Google sites widget available
  • Tracking works on first click attribution (meaning agent/affiliate for the first click to refer traffic, not last click, will be assigned the booking)
  • Want to roll your own widgets? Use the tour search API method

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