Large group discounts (article)

Susana Moleón Moya
Susana Moleón Moya
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Offer an incentive for larger group bookings by showing a line item discount for them, this can be a per person or per booking amount.

In this example

This example walks through creating a per person discount for groups larger than 10 people.

1: Creating the option

Head into the "Options" section of TourCMS, key in the name of your option and choose a "Type" - this "Type" allows you to group related options together for reporting and display on the booking engine but otherwise has no effect.


2: Dates & Prices

In "Dates & Prices" for our new we need to create a season for the date band we want "Large group discount" to be available for (or multiple seasons if our prices/costs vary throughout the year). Here we are loading a rate of minus 50€ throughout 2020. (We define whether this is a 50€ per person or per tour discount in "3: Setup & Content" below).


We only want this item to apply to bookings where there are 10 people or more so once your new season is created click on "Price table", set the "Can book?" to "No" for 1 to 10 and the rest to "Restricted".

Save your changes and then go back into "Price table" and it should look like this:


3: Setup & Descriptions

In "Setup" for this Option, under the "Money" tab set the "Duration rule" to be "Quantity" (the default), this way the discount will be multiplied by the number selected (and not the duration of the tour). If we instead wanted the price to be 50€ off the booking total we would tick the "Price x1" box.


Under the "Booking Engine" tab set "Included with the booking by default" to "Included (no removal)", this will cause the item to be added automatically (to bookings with 10 people or more, as per our Price table).


Still in "Setup", under the "General" tab set "Status" to "Public" to allow this option to be booked online then save your changes.


Finally head into the "Tours/Hotels" section of TourCMS and associating the option to any of the tours it's valid for before trying to make a booking.


Try making a booking

Here we see a booking with 10 people showing the large group discount automatically.


Go back and try making a booking with less than 10 people on and check the discount does not appear.