Custom Meta Title Tour Page (article)

Susana Moleón Moya
Susana Moleón Moya
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Your tour page meta title is auto-generated, however, if you want to override this with your own title for SEO purposes, that is possible.

Login to TourCMS > Tours > Description & Images > Custom Fields

In the field Custom Meta Title, enter your new meta title and save.

Clear your TourCMS cached data to see this appear on your website.

How to clear your cache < Click Here


Please note, if this field does not exist in your TourCMS account, you can create it.

Login to TourCMS >  Configuration > System & Setup > Extra Tour Content Fields > Create A New Tour Content Field

Name: Custom Page Title

Tag: metatitle

Type: Single text line

Save this, then follow the steps above


Side note - the meta description for your tour pages comes from the "Short Description" field in TourCMS, edit this field & the meta description will be updated automatically

WARNING: Do NOT add or edit the Concrete5 description field / custom meta tag data for the page called "Tour Single". This is a special page inside concrete5, used to generate ALL YOUR TOUR PAGES automatically from TourCMS data. Adding in custom meta information to this special page will override the automatic meta data generation and make every tour page's meta data be the same, whatever you enter here.




Check your pages' meta data by viewing the page source. Don't know how? See here:

Is it keyword rich and driving the right traffic to your pages?

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