Breadcrumb Tour Pages (article)

Blanca Castillo
Blanca Castillo
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Your website has the ability to have tour page breadcrumbs.

(This may require a little bit of custom set up in TourCMS before it is available to use)

SEO - the breadcrumb functionality also inserts some invisible data into the page header, which assists with SEO search engine rankings.


"@context": "",
"@type": "BreadcrumbList",
"itemListElement": [{
"@type": "ListItem",
"position": 1,
"name": "Home",
"item": "https://gllicensee.local/"
}, {
"@type": "ListItem",
"position": 2,
"name": "Tour Category List Page",
"item": "https://gllicensee.local/tours/"
}, {
"@type": "ListItem",
"position": 3,
"name": "Tour List 1",
"item": "https://gllicensee.local/tours/tour-list-1/"


How to Configure a New Tour Page Breadcrumb

  • Login to your website
  • Find the page you want to be the parent page of your tour page. (Probably a tour list page)
  • Select “edit" on the page, find the Page ID number from here by examining the URL. Look where it says post=XYZ, and extract the number.
  • Now login to TourCMS
  • Go to the tour you want to create the breadcrumb for
  • In Tours > Custom Fields > Breadcrumb Parent Page ID insert the Page ID which you've just taken a note of  (If you do not have this custom field already set up in TourCMS, please see below on how to set this up yourself).
  • Save










How to Configure TourCMS for Custom Breadcrumbs

  • Login to TourCMS
  • Go to Configuration & Setup > Extra Tour Content Fields
  • Create a new content field

    Name: Breadcrumb Parent Page ID

    Tag: breadcrumb

    Type: Single text line