IMPORTANT: TourCMS update for GDPR

Blanca Castillo
Blanca Castillo
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Dear TourCMS customers

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will be enacted on the 25th of May 2018. As promised in our past communication, we updated all of our software solutions to be GDPR-compliant:

Article: GDPR Compliance (Palisis Ticketing & TourCMS)

One of the key concepts of GDPR is the “right to be forgotten”. This is not a simple task for a content management system which by nature stores data. To achieve this, we added the function to “Anonymize” the client. Now if a customer requests that you delete his data you have 30 days of time to do so. You can do this by searching in the customer database of your account for his name and then click on “Anonymize” at the bottom of the SUMMARY DETAILS tab:



The following screen will ask you if you really want to perform this action:


If you tick the box and click on “Anonymize this customer” you lose their customer record, their inquiries, audit trail entries, and custom customer fields. Please be aware that this anonymization is completely irreversible. Not even our own IT department would be able to get the lost information back. To some customers, it's important to know that this anonymization process is not synced to any connected subsystems.

If the customer has a current or future booking you can see an additional warning:



The result of this anonymization is clearly visible when you check the upcoming page; all customer information has been wiped and the anonymization has been recorded in the customer: 


The anonymization has also been recorded in the audit trail of the booking:

If you have any technical questions about the use of this feature, you’re very welcome to write to our support team (

If you should have any legal questions about GDPR and the use of TourCMS please reach out to our Compliance and Data Protection Officer using