Gray Line Licensees Feefo Syndication

Blanca Castillo
Blanca Castillo
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What does it mean?

Feefo is a third party review company that Palisis has integrated with TourCMS and our WordPress Gray Line Licensee whitelabel websites. Historically, reviews made via Feefo for products bought on were completely distinct from the same products bought directly on the licensee website. A decision was made recently by Gray Line Worldwide to harness the power in numbers, and syndicate the reviews on with the licensee reviews for matching products. What does this mean? You can now show the combined review count, review star number, and customer feedback on your website, on your organic search engine snippets, and in the data provided for Google Things To Do. 

What’s New 

  1. New Feefo review totals for your products
  2. New Feefo review start ratings for your products
  3. New Feefo review customer feedback for your products
  4. New Feefo review data in organic search
  5. New Feefo review data in TourCMS
  6. New Feefo review data in Google Things To Do

Why Does This Matter to Me?

The more reviews you have, the more popular your products appear, and the more trustworthy you look to your customers. This results in higher conversion rates and more sales. 


What should I do?

Activate Syndicated Feefo Reviews on your Website

Log in to your WordPress Gray Line Licensee website.

Go to Settings > Gray Line Licensee TourCMS Plugin

Make sure Feefo Switch is checked & enabled (this should be the case if you already have Feefo reviews showing on your website)

Insert into Feefo Parent Merchant ID this value: 


Click the “Save Changes” button at the bottom of the page. 





Activate Syndicated Feefo Reviews within TourCMS

Log in to your TourCMS account.

Go to Configuration > System & Setup > Third Party Integrations > Feefo

Check the Active tickbox

Insert into Merchant ID this:


Insert into SKU Pattern  this:


Where GLWWChannelID is the name of the channel that Gray Line Worldwide TourCMS account uses to connect to your account. In case you don’t know what it is, you can also look into your WordPress website area in the Feefo settings (see below for screenshots). In there, there is a field called GLWW Channel, this will be the channel ID number you need.

For example, GL Orlando use this pattern:


Click “Save changes”

Once this is saved, you will start to see reviews populate within your TourCMS account. This data will also be sent to Google Things To Do.

Access the correct page within TourCMS: 






Gray Line Orlando, GLWW Channel ID example:


Reviews showing in TourCMS product list:

Reviews showing in TourCMS product page, Setup > General:



Example of this in Action

See this Las Vegas Hoover Dam tour in the screenshot below: the reviews have almost doubled, jumping from 297 prior to review syndication, to 596 in total after review syndication.  

  • Left: GrayLineCom pre-syndication
  • Middle: GL Vegas reviews (these have been syndicated with the GrayLineCom reviews)
  • Right: GrayLineCom post-syndication


The syndicated reviews are pulling through on organic search snippets (screenshot taken at a later date, now the review count has multiplied again) 

The reviews are now visualised in TourCMS:

Feefo reviews are now pulling in from TourCMS to Google Things To Do: 


Further Information

This syndication was undertaken within the Feefo system itself. When people buy products on they will continue to submit reviews to the Feefo account. When people buy products on your licensee website, they will continue to submit reviews to your own Feefo account, not GrayLine com’s. Nothing here changes. As such, you maintain your own data and Feefo account. 

It is simply by using the merchant ID gray-line in the places mentioned that you now have the ability to display the combined reviews of your account and the account. 

Should you wish to stop using the syndicated reviews at any time, you can simply delete the value placed in the Feefo Parent Merchant ID in WordPress, and set the merchant ID value in TourCMS to your own Feefo Merchant ID. 

Should you wish to fully switch off Feefo reviews there are checkboxes available both in WordPress and TourCMS to deactivate. 

Syndicated reviews are currently live on, and we highly recommend that you make it live on your own system too.