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Blanca Castillo
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What does it mean?


  • Google Things To Do (TTD) is a powerful feature in Google Search that helps users find and book activities and attractions in their area. By linking your Google Business Profile (GBP) to TTD, customers searching for your business can easily book your tours.
  • Google has a dedicated Tour Operator Module where your tours and experiences can be listed on your GBP.
  • We offer you that distribution channel, redirecting the customer to your licensee Grayline website, and in case you don't have one, the user will land on the product page.
  • The best part? Google doesn't charge any commission for these bookings. It's a great way to increase your revenue and leverage the wide reach of Google Things To Do.




1. Attractions Module
- Admission
- Experiences
2. Operator Module





Device Visibility: Currently, the Tour Operator Module is only accessible on mobile devices. The desktop version will be available by the end of Q2 2023. However, attractions can be viewed on both desktop and mobile devices.

Search Language: When searching for your results, please use the English version of If you're signed in to Google with a default language other than English, the results may not be displayed.

Restricted Tours and Businesses: There are guidelines regarding the types of tours and businesses that may be restricted. We will provide you with this information after the webinar.

GBP Services vs. Products: If you are using the 'Services' feature on your GBP, the Tour Operator booking module will still function. However, if you're using the 'Products' feature, the Tour Operator
booking module will not be available.

Eligible GBP Categories: The Google TTD Tour Operator Module is currently available for three categories of GBP: Tour Operator, Travel Agency, and Tour Agency. Please ensure that your account is set up under one of these categories.


What should I do?

With this straightforward process, you can easily set up your TourCMS account with Google TTD and enjoy the benefits of increased exposure and bookings.


TourCMS Integration: We will connect your TourCMS account to Google TTD as an option 2 - Affiliates within the Market Place. An invitation code will be required for this process.

Traffic Redirection: All traffic generated through Google TTD will be directed to either or your own Gray Line Licensee Website.

Seamless Set-Up: We will handle the TourCMS set-up for you at both the channel and product levels. You can select the specific products you wish to feature, and we will ensure they are whitelisted for optimal visibility.


To set up the Google Operator Module, we kindly request the following information from you:


TourCMS Channel Details:
Please provide us with the Channel ID of your licensee Gray Line website or channel in TourCMS. Ensure that the phone number in the channel follows the format:
00+country code+phone number (no spaces).

● Tours & Experiences:
From the tours listed in the channel mentioned above, please provide us with a list of 10 TourCMS Tour IDs that are exclusively your own operations and listed on your Gray Line Licensee Website or Please exclude any tours considered as restricted business/services (we will provide you with this information separately).

● Google Business Profile (GBP):
We require the GBP Name as it appears in Google search results. Additionally, ensure that all information in your GBP is up to date (phone, address, etc.). If you wish to use the Tour Operator Module, please disable the "Products section" in your GBP. The 10 tours provided will appear as the official site for these tours.

By providing us with these details, we can efficiently set up the Google Operator Module for your TourCMS account, allowing you to showcase your tours and experiences effectively.


● Admissions

What we need from you to set up the Google Attractions Module for admissions:



If you sell tickets solely for attractions or venues, please provide us with the Tour IDs corresponding to those tickets. We will link your tours/tickets to the respective Point of Interest (POI) and configure them as self-guided with admission granted.
These products will be categorised accordingly in TourCMS.


What we need from you to set up the Google Attractions Module for experiences:


● When uploading a tour or product in TourCMS, please make sure to add related Points of Interest (POIs) by including Midpoints and indicating if any ticket is granted or not. You can find this section in the descriptions and images of each tour.

● To optimise the visibility of your tours under each POI, we recommend adding as many Midpoints as possible to each tour. This will provide more options for your tours to appear when users search for specific attractions or venues.



Summary of actions

General Settings:
1. Update the phone number at the Channel level with the correct format (00+country code+phone number, no spaces).
2. Send us the Channel ID that needs to be connected to Google.


Operator Module:
1. Provide a selection of your top 10 Tour IDs that are listed as "distributed" on your Gray Line Licensee Website or Tours must be operated by your company not by a third party
2. Inform us about the GBP Name as it appears in Google search and results.
3. Disable the "Products" section in your GBP if it is currently enabled.
4. Verify that you have selected one of the following categories in your GBP: Tour Operator, Travel Agency, or Tour Agency.


Attraction Module:
1. Share a complete list of Tour IDs for all your ticket-only products related to a Point of Interest (POI).
1. Provide a list of Tour IDs for all products that have a Midpoint set up, indicating whether admission is granted into the POI. Please specify if it is a guided tour or a self-drive/only ticket product.


Feefo Account:
1. In case you have a Feefo Account - please provide with your Merchant ID - It will help to show your reviews in the feed


* We will send you a spreadsheet where to insert all that information needed. Please, write to Subject: Licensee Name + Google TTD