How to create the agent credentials mask

Blanca Castillo
Blanca Castillo
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Where can I find it?

For every agent:

  • Homepage > Travel agent manager > Setup

In general for all the agents:

  • Configuration > System & Setup > Agent general settings


What does it mean?

TourCMS has a text area on agents (and also a default one in Setup) which is used, commonly by Sync integrations, to store the IDs/credentials for agents. When a Check Availability call or Booking call is made, TourCMS sends these credentials to Sync (or other subsystem) so that the subsystem can identify OTA making the request.

Historically this was just a text box, however, we now can transform this into a subsystem-specific set of inputs.

What should I do?

This feature needs to be configured by TourCMS tech on a per subsystem basis, so contact us here at if you want to enable this functionality.


For taking Dome as an example, if this feature is not enabled we have the following JSON:


With the Agent Credentials mask configured, we have a nicer user interface: