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In this section, we show how to create your products (tours) in TourCMS.

Creating a new tour

Please, head to the Tours section PRODUCTS > TOURSintroduce a name for your new tour and then click on "Create Tour/Hotel".

You always have the possibility of copying data like !Dates & Prices", "Setup", "Options" and "Descriptions" from existing tours. It's a very helpful feature when you need to create similiar tours.


Now you have loaded your product, we'll focus on the "Descriptions and Images" section which supplies most part of the product content. So, please click on the hyperlink.


Editing Descriptions

There is a lot of information to be loaded here, so we'll go step by step. 

Key information

The first tab is the "Key information" tab where resides some general information about the tour.

Commercial Priority

You can define here the importance of your product in order to be promoted on your website or an OTA website. It sets by default to "Medium", but the higher you set your product the more feature it will be on the search results page. If you have a lot of products set to "High" then the search will show firstly the top sellers.


Where does the tour take place?

Just look for your country in the left box, select it and then move it to the right box by clicking on the right arrow. If you already have some tours in your account, then your country will appear by default on the right side.



They are the GPS coordinates for the points of the tour. You can use the "Latitude Longitude lookup tool" link provided to find them, it's an external tool that will help you to find out the geocodes for each point. Start and end points are compulsory, however, midpoints are optional. For instance, if your tour includes hotel pick-ups, then you can set the address of one of the hotels as the start point.


Tour type

The most common tour types are "Day tour/trip/activity/attraction - No overnight stay" and "Transport/Transfer". If your tour is a "Transport/Transfer" type, then be sure to select the appropriate direction and IATA airport code.


For more information about how to set up a transfer product, please take a look at our related article here.

Is a tour leader supplied?

In case the tour is led by a guide, then select the type of service provided.



This is a piece of valuable information for customers in order to know if they need special skills or fitness levels to take the tour.


Accommodation comfort rating

If there is any accommodation included, please select the corresponding rating here, otherwise please select "No accommodation/Not applicable".


Suitable for

You can select here as many options as it applies.


Languages spoken

Please, leave this option blank, as we use a different parameter to inform about the spoken languages.


Save changes

It's important to save changes before moving to another tab, otherwise, you'll lose all the information loaded.


Text descriptions & Video

Here is where you can load all the descriptive information about your tour. The more details you provide here the better for you because this is the content information your customers will see on your website.

In case you have more than one channel, then I would like you to pay attention to the top right side of the screen where firstly you should select the appropriate channel.


Once you have done this, then you can focus on filling the content in. Please, refrain from using special characters other than dashes.

Mandatory descriptions

Tour name: it should be something short and descriptive

Primary location: it's the city where the tour departs.

Duration: it's the total length of the tour from start to finish, i.e.: 1 hour, 3 hours, etc.

Available: for instance "Daily" or maybe "Only at weekends". If the availability can change, then you can write here "See Availability Schedule".

Summary: a brief summary of the tour

Short description: it should be descriptive, it's the description the customers see when looking at the search results page, so it's a good idea to write something that captivates the customers.


Non-mandatory descriptions

Video: you can the URL here (only Youtube or Vimeo URL)

PDF: if you have pick-up zones or menus, then you can add a PDF here. Once loaded successfully "Download | Delete" will appear next to the PDF file.

Experience /Highlights: you should write here the most remarkable parts of your tour, it will be shown as a list of top experiences, so you should use a specific format in order to show this information in a proper way. Please, place a " * " and a "space" before the sentence to create a checkmark on the website, i.e. "* Sightseeing tour by bus and boat".

Included and Excluded: you can follow the same bulleted format as in the previous field.

Hotel pick-up instructions and Voucher redemption instructions: this must be clear to the customer in order to avoid any misunderstanding. 

Restrictions: you can inform here about the restrictions, just in case.

Extras /Upgrades: you can inform about extra costs for upgrades or extra services.

Essential information: This is important information for your customer in regards to this tour. It's a good idea to follow the same bulleted format as for "Experience /Highlights". 

Long description: you can give the customer a detailed idea about the tour, although it should be informative and they should feel excited to take this tour. Two or three paragraphs is a good size for this field.

Itinerary: you can show here the itinerary of the tour, it will help customers to plan their trips.

Important: Please, click on "Save descriptions changes" before moving to another section.


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