Linking to the Booking Engine (article)

Susana Moleón Moya
Susana Moleón Moya
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Finding the booking link (URL) for a Tour

Individual Tour link (manual)

To find the web link go to a tour and go to the tour setup page.

  1. On the first tab, ensure that the tour is set to Public status or higher.
  2. When you next go into tour setup – a URL will show. You can put this link on your website just like any other web link.

If you have more than one Website configured in TourCMS you will see a separate link for each Website. If you hover over a link the Website name will be displayed.

Spreadsheet containing all Tour links

It is possible to download a spreadsheet of all your Tour booking links (URLs). In TourCMS head to Channel Manager then Integration Wizard and click "Create a spreadsheet". The Integration Wizard can also generate links to individual Tours including Agent tracking IDs.

If you are using TourCMS web templates

If you are using web templates to manage your website you can output a Tour URL simply using the t_book_url tag. For more information see the full list of element tags.