How to connect price over API with GetYourGuide (external)

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Guillem Panades
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Please read below carefully before enabling price over API on your GetYourGuide portal. TourCMS Distribution team needs to enable Price over API on TourCMS first.

The initial setup is done on TourCMS in section not visible to suppliers. Therefore, please begin the process by writing to advising of your interest to enable Price over API. You can include the following subject "GetYourGuide Price API" plus list the TourCMS tour IDs you would like to enable for price over API. 


Let's begin with a bit of information:

GetYourGuide has introduced the feature Price over API, which enables automatic updates of your retail prices based on data from TourCMS, eliminating the need for manual price updates, and minimizing booking discrepancies. Once enabled GetYourGuide will pull pricing information from TourCMS the same way availability is updated.

This new feature allows for smoother management when updating your products in both TourCMS and GetYourGuide. You would only need to change the prices of your products once in TourCMS instead of in both platforms.

This is an optional feature and can be enabled only for the options you choose on GetYourGuide.

Below you can find links to more information on GetYourGuide's platform with regards to enabling Price over API:

Price Update Frequency & Dynamic Pricing

Similarly to availability, pricing information is pulled from TourCMS on a predefined schedule and is not updated in real time. GetYourGuide's current default frequency of updates for most systems is as follows (it may vary based on different factors, such as errors or booking volume): 

  • Every 8 days we fetch availability (and prices) for the next 365 days

  • Every 4 days we fetch availability (and prices) for the next 90 days

  • Every 1 day we fetch availability (and prices) for the next 30 days

  • Every 4 hours we fetch availability (and prices) for the next 7 days

Dynamic pricing with very frequent, automatic price changes based on demand, capacity or other factors may not be supported at this time.

Important Notes

  • GetYourGuide Pricing over API supports pricing of per-ticket items.
  • Most ticket categories, including Adult, Child, Youth, Infant, Senior are supported. Group products, Add-ons, Tiered (Scaled) Pricing are not supported. 

  • Price over API is configured to accept Retail rates only. Retail prices shared by TourCMS must be inclusive of taxes and fees. 

  • You must have pricing for all available time slots in the next 365 days in your reservation system. If there is a time slot with available vacancies and no price assigned, the slot will not be made bookable on GetYourGuide.

  • Prices provided by TourCMS must be in the same currency as the currency you have selected on GetYourGuide Supplier portal. 

  • The price received over API will override any price manually configured in your GetYourGuide Supplier portal.

How to enable Price over API 

Please follow the below steps to enable this feature: 


1. Before contacting TourCMS, check your products' set up in TourCMS

- Price over API would not work correctly if a tour has more than one rate of the same “Age category”. E.g. if a tour has two rates set to “Adult” in the age category dropdown, TourCMS will not return pricing to GetYourGuide

- Quantity based pricing (this tour would not return pricing) is not available within the current version of price over API with GetYourGuide

- Set up of Price x 1 on TourCMS would not return pricing to GetYourGuide withint the current version of price over API

- Exclude any products that feature a student unit enabled on TourCMS. Student rate type is not part of the current price over API integration.

- Infant unit - if that rate type exists in TourCMS, you will need to create it in the GetYourGuide portal too. 


2. Please confirm your interest in price over API to listing the tour IDs you'd like to connect. 


3. Upon confirmation from the TourCMS team that your products are enabled for Pricing API, go to your GetYourGuide Supplier portal - Products → Manage Products. Choose the option you would like to connect, click Edit next to TourCMS/Palisis Group



Select 'Availability and price' - the mapping code remains the same (external product ID).



You will then see a pop up message telling you the system will automatically delete the existent pricing on GetYourGuide. Click on 'Delete all existing price configurations' to confirm. Please note the deletion of existing pricing will only happen after a successful connection.


For the next step, we will need to recreate the rate types on GYG. Important note: the rate types must match with what is on TourCMS.

Please note Infant on GetYourGuide needs to be set up to 'No ticket required' if that unit type does not exist in TourCMS as a rate type.

Example of set up on GetYourGuide:


And on TourCMS for the same product:unnamed__1_.png


Next click on Save and await for Successful connection


Please note once connected for price over API, the actual price would not be visible on the portal, i.e. the rate will show '999'. 




How to disable Price over API 

If for any reason it is necessary to disable Price over API, please follow the steps below. Note all pricing configurations are deleted when Price over API is enabled. New pricing configuration must be created manually when Price over API is disabled. 

  1. In your GetYourGuide Supplier Administration account, go to Products → Manage Products. Choose the product you would like to connect, click Edit details. Under Options, choose the product option you would like to connect and click Connectivity Settings → Edit.

  2. Change your selection to Availability only. 

  3. You will be prompted to confirm that any manually configured price configurations will be deleted.

  4. Click on Add new pricing and create pricing configuration with categories identical to the ones in your reservation system. Save your created pricing configuration.

  5. Click Save to validate and save your settings.