Tour URLs, Custom Page Title & Meta Description Tour Pages (article)

Susana Moleón Moya
Susana Moleón Moya
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Your tour page URL, page title and meta description are auto-generated.

Tour URLs use the tour name and ID. They must remain in this format due to the special way tour pages are automatically generated and populated on the website. Changing the tour name in TourCMS will update the tour page URL automatically. The website will automatically update the product page URLs in TourCMS when it goes live. 

The page title is generated by Tour Name - Primary Location 

The meta description for your tour pages comes from the "Summary" field in TourCMS, edit this field & the meta description will be updated automatically. This field has max 150 chars, which is a good length limit for your meta description. 

Your tour page URLs cannot be altered, however, if you want to override your tour page titles or meta descriptions with your own custom data for SEO purposes, that is possible.

Login to TourCMS > Tours > Description & Images > Custom Fields

In the field Custom Meta Title, enter your new meta title and save. If you have multiple languages on your website, do this for each language channel. 

Clear your TourCMS cached data to see this appear on your website. (Login to website, search for "Clear Cache" then clear the cache).  


Please note, if this field does not exist in your TourCMS account, you can create it yourself.

Locale - if you have English & German site, for example, your locales will be en and de. If you only have an English language site, use en for your locale. 

Login to TourCMS > System > Configuration & Setup > Extra Tour Content Fields > Create A New Tour Content Field

Name: Custom Page Title *LOCALE* (e.g. Custom Page Title EN)

Tag: *locale*title (e.g. entitle or detitle)

Type: Single text line


Name: Custom Meta Description *LOCALE* (e.g. Custom Meta Description EN)

Tag: *locale*descript (e.g. endescript or dedescript)

Type: HTML editor (no layout)

Save these, then follow the steps above.