How to configure "Tour Questions"? (article)

Susana Moleón Moya
Susana Moleón Moya
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Questions are configured on a per tour basis and up to three questions can be set on each tour.

Please note: Tour Questions are not yet supported in the TourCMS Hosted Booking Engine, however they are fully supported in the API.

To get started log in to TourCMS and head to Tours then click Questions on a tour, each of the up to three questions has the following settings:

Whether the Questions are offered on new bookings / newly added tours, uncheck this box if the question shouldn't be offered anymore.
Whether the answer needs to be provided for each person on the booking or only once per tour booking.
The question as the customer would see it, for example, "Please enter the approximate weight for each member of your party in kilograms (kg)".
Question explanation
Any additional text that might explain to the customer why the information is being requested, and how it is used. For example "This is required to ensure optimal passenger weight distribution and providing the information now saves time when you arrive".
It's common practice for user interfaces to present what is known as "placeholder text" which is shown inside an input when it is empty, then hidden as the user starts to type. Often the contents of the placeholder text will be an example of the input format being requested, something like E.g. '80'.
Internal question
A shorter identifier for your staff to use, e.g. something simple such as "Weights (kg)".
Mandatory answer
Whether the information must be provided or not. TourCMS provides the value of this setting in the API but does not enforce it.
Answer type
Used to provide an indication as to the type of data expected in the answer. As with the mandatory setting, TourCMS does not enforce the format of data provided, however, those entering data are welcome to. Currently, supported values are Text, Number, and Date.

The following screenshot shows a completed config:


 Please note: Changes or additions to Tour Questions affect new bookings only.