Localisation & Languages (article)

Susana Moleón Moya
Susana Moleón Moya
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TourCMS is in 3 main English based languages...


USA Use state & zip code for customer addresses
Enter and manage dates in Month/Day/Year format
Australia Use state & postcode for customer addresses
Load prices sales tax inclusive
  UK / Ireland Use county & postcode for customer addresses (UK)
Enter and manage dates in Day/Month/Year format
  South Africa, Canada & other countries Hopefully, either the US, Australian or UK settings will work for you! Please ask if not

..... but the booking engine and customer/supplier communications can be produced in...


Catalan YES
Chinese YES
Croatian YES
Danish YES
Dutch Hide state/county on customer addresses
Finnish YES
French Including support for French money format: 100 000,00 (using commas)
German Including support for German money format: 100 000,00 (using commas)
Greek YES
Icelandic YES
Italian YES
Japanese YES
Korean Including support for removal of decimals (due to no Jeon)
Norwegian YES
Portuguese YES
Romanian YES
Russian YES
Slovenian YES
Spanish YES
Swedish YES
Turkish YES
For example:
  1. Take a booking from a customer using a German booking engine
  2. Manage the booking in English (Accounts etc)
  3. Send details of the booking to your local staff/suppliers in French
Your customer-facing documentation will be in German (e.g. letters and invoices) and your supplier documentation could be in any supported language.

TourCMS supports content in UTF8 / Unicode - hence we can handle Greek / Japanese / Arabic characters
Additionally, you can store content in multiple languages (one language per sales channel (website)). i.e you can have one tour, but a French description and an English description - selling the same product. French consumers will see the French name/description, English will see the English name/description.

The JavaScript widgets work in multiple languages e.g. Dutch

If you would like TourCMS to support another language please ask and we can arrange this. Most text is configurable by you anyway - it is just standard text (like dates, country names etc) that we have translated centrally.