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Susana Moleón Moya
Susana Moleón Moya
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Site: https://spreedly.com/ 


Spreedly is not a payment gateway themselves but a service that enables TourCMS (or perhaps your website designer/developer) to connect to many different payment gateways with a single, simple integration.

If you are using the hosted TourCMS booking engine and there is a particular bank or payment gateway you wish to use, first check if it is on the list of payment gateways directly supported by TourCMS here, if not then check that it may be supported by Spreedly.

If you are using a booking engine provided by a third party web designer/developer then it's possible they may suggest you use Spreedly. The alternative would be having your designer/developer integrate directly with your payment gateway of choice, however, there is likely to be a larger upfront cost to that versus a lower monthly cost for going via Spreedly.

Payment gateways not supported by Spreedly

If you are looking to use a payment gateway not currently supported by Spreedly, sometimes gateways can be added (by Spreedly or the payment gateway company themselves). Ask Spreedly for details.


While you can use your own Spreedly account with TourCMS, you are more likely to use either the TourCMS central Spreedly account or one provided by a third party integrated with TourCMS such as Trust My Travel.

If you are using the central TourCMS Spreedly account

You do not need to sign up with Spreedly, please read the information below and then contact TourCMS support to move forward.

If you are using a payment gateway supported by Spreedly, TourCMS needs to know API details for your payment gateway account and TourCMS will configure for you. Spreedly list the information required on the relevant page for the gateway in question, contact us at support@palisis.com to get set up.

If you have previously used the same gateway directly with TourCMS and are changing over to route it via Spreedly it may be that your gateway needs to enable API or "Server to server" connectivity, as Spreedly will use the API method to connect, whereas TourCMS would historically have used the hosted payment page.

If you require more than one payment gateway contact us at support@palisis.com to discuss.

If you are using Spreedly via Trust My Travel

Trust My Travel will carry out the initial configuration for you in their Spreedly account and provide the credentials to be stored in TourCMS.

If you are using your own Spreedly account

You will need to follow the guide for your chosen gateway to configure it within Spreedly before storing the Spreedly credentials in TourCMS. TourCMS support can help with both stages of that process, please contact us at support@palisis.com.


TourCMS hosted solutions

Spreedly is fully integrated within the regular TourCMS booking engine and the email token-based payment process (for requesting payments via email).

A great workflow is available for processing Spreedly payments via the TourCMS API (see below), additionally the back office can process refunds via Spreedly.

Your (or your agents) own custom booking engine or app

Spreedly is easy to integrate into your own booking engine, or to give access to travel agents to take payments on their own websites and apps, straight into your payment gateway/merchant account.

  1. Grab the SPREEDLY_ENVIRONMENT_KEY from Show channel or Channel List API method
  2. Use the Spreedly Iframe formCORS API or other methods to get a token that represents the customer card
  3. Send this payment method token to the TourCMS Spreedly create payment API

The customer web browser is sending credit card details directly to Spreedly, so neither TourCMS nor your web hosting has access to the actual credit card details, greatly simplifying PCI compliance.


  • No concept of "authorization only" transactions
  • Test VISA Success: 4111111111111111 (any future expiry date)
  • Test VISA Payment failure: 4012888888881881 (any future expiry date)
  • Year expiry has to be 4 digits
  • Refunds for Spreedly made payments can be made in the TourCMS back office