API Error Messages (article)

Susana Moleón Moya
Susana Moleón Moya
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A variety of error messages may be returned by the API, further details are provided on these in the table below. In addition, Marketplace partners can log into their accounts and view recent API calls plus any error messages to see the actual data sent and received.

no error :)
When parameters are supplied that has no match. Also, *may* be returned when an account has not yet upgraded to a paying account
Signature doesn't match. Check your Channel ID is correct for the data you are requesting
Permissions - you are trying to undertake an action you have no permission to do
The API method called can only be used by tour operators/suppliers and not by agents.
The key supplied doesn't return a valid connection (check your API login details are correct)
/p/ calls can only be called using a Marketplace Agent API connection, not a Tour Operator one. Ensure you send through Channel ID zero when running /p/ style calls (our API wrappers handle this for you)
Has the Marketplace Agent account been deactivated for any reason?
The connection is signed with a time, if a signed request doesn't hit TourCMS within allowed boundaries (plus minus 15 minutes) it is rejected. This usually occurs due to a misconfigured server, please double check your servers time (and timezone!) are correctly set.
Sending POST when you mean GET and sending GET when you mean POST!

Remember Marketplace Agents can log into their agent account and review the API error logs.
Don't forget to review the useful background information article!