Equipment hire and upgrades (article)

Susana Moleón Moya
Susana Moleón Moya
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This style of additional items have a daily (or nightly) rate and apply for the duration of the tour they are being booked on.

Example travel products:

  • Hire out optional equipment such as a snorkel or a sleeping bag if the customer does not have their own
  • Offer an upgrade (e.g. board basis or room level)

In this example

The example below walks through creating a "Sleeping bag hire" option however the same settings can be used to create a variety of options in this style.

1: Creating the option

Head into the "Options" section of TourCMS, key in the name of your option and choose a "Type" - this "Type" allows you to group related options together for reporting and display on the booking engine but otherwise has no effect.


2: Dates & Prices

In "Dates & Prices" for our new option we need to create a season for the date band we want "Sleeping bag hire" to be available for (or multiple seasons if our prices/costs vary throughout the year). Here we are loading an extortionate 50€ per night throughout 2021 (these are REALLY nice sleeping bags).


If we wanted to offer discounts if a group hired a large amount of sleeping bags we could do so once our season was created by clicking on the "Pricing Table", but this will do for now.

3: Setup & Descriptions

In "Setup" for this Option, under the "Money" tab we configure the "Duration rule" to be "Nights", this way however long our Tours are the price we have entered will be multiplied by the number of nights on the Tour. If we instead wanted the price to be 50€ one-off fee regardless of tour duration we could set the "Duration rule" to "Quantity". Then under the "Booking Engine" tab we could use the "Included with the booking by default" to either default include this item (meaning they would need to un-select it if they did not want it) or even force the user to take this item.


Under the "General" tab change Visibility to Public to allow this option to be booked online then save your changes an

Then head into "Descriptions" for this Option and set the "per" field to "Bag Per Night".


Finally, it's just a case of going into the "Tours" section of TourCMS and associating the option to any of the tours it's valid for before trying to make a booking.

Try making a booking

Once complete the new option should look like this when making a booking via the public-facing booking engine: