Why the TourCMS API does not return tour information?

Blanca Castillo
Blanca Castillo
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Where do I find it?



What does it mean?

Sometimes, our API may not respond when attempting to access tour information through a specific endpoint. This is primarily attributed to the fact that the particular tour is unavailable for distribution via the API, and this limitation could stem from various reasons.


What should I do?

Begin by verifying whether the channel is enabled for API access. Navigate to CONFIGURATION > SYSTEM & SETUP > API to ensure proper configuration.



If the checkbox is not marked, then mark it.

Additionally, inspect whether the tour possesses any incomplete data. If identified, it is imperative to fill in all the required information to facilitate the distribution process and ensure the seamless availability of the tour through the API.

To perform this verification, navigate to TOURS > DESCRIPTIONS & IMAGES > INCOMPLETE DATA and examine the status of each item by ensuring all ticks are displayed in green. If a red cross is present, it indicates missing information that needs attention for proper tour distribution. The required information for successful tour distribution may include:

  • Main settings of the "Key information tab", such as mandatory fields.
  • At least one image is mandatory. Remember that specific agents may only display tours with high-quality photos per their API settings. Ensure your photos meet the required quality standards for optimal visibility and distribution.
  • Dates and prices
  • Status "Distributed"



If everything is correct, subsequently, confirm the distribution status of the channel. Navigate to PARTNERS > DATA QUALITY and click on the count of live products for that specific channel.


fully setup tours.png


If the tour is not listed, it could be attributed to the channel's restriction, limiting the distribution to only those tours that align with the selected product filter in the channel manager setup.


To address this issue, ensure that the tour categories are accurately assigned. Verify and align the category appropriately to match the product filter specified in the channel settings. This step will help synchronize the available tours with the channel's product filter, resolving potential discrepancies.

If, after completing all the verification above steps, the API still does not return tour data, kindly reach out to us for assistance at support@palisis.com.