Webhook Tester Tool

Blanca Castillo
Blanca Castillo
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What does it mean?

You can use the 'Webhook tester tool' to test and debug your booking webhook simulating a 'Check Availability' call from an agent.


Where do I find it?

Configuration > Sytesm & Setup > Webhook Tester Tool

What should I do?

You have to select channel, tour, date and rate to simulate a Check Availability API call triggering a Check Availability webhook if one is configured. 

Where availability is returned you can optionally progress to make a booking, triggering any configured booking webhooks.

You have the option to choose a particular agent for simulating a 'Check availability' API call using their credentials, or you can opt for the default agent credentials.

Afterward, select the tour and the date.


Then, if you click on the 'Show/Hide Filters' option, you can input various filters to refine in the API call, such as the 'Departure code', 'Supplier note', or 'Start Time'.


Please, find more information about the Check Tour Availability webhook here.