How to import departures from a spreadsheet (article)

Susana Moleón Moya
Susana Moleón Moya
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What does it mean?

TourCMS allows you to import the departures for a specific tour using a spreadsheet in which you previously insert all the information necessary about the departure (dates, rate, price, etc.). This functionality may be especially useful for you if you are offering multiple-day tours where the start date and end date is different for each departure.

Where do I find it?


What should I do?

Once on the Dates & Prices page, scroll down and go to Import from spreadsheet. Fill out the fields with the required information (code/time, prices, time period) and click on Add departure to list below. Repeat the same process for all departures you need to import and finally click on Created departures listed below. This method doesn't override existing departures, it just adds the new ones.



It's not possible to add a supplier note to the departures using this function. In order to add supplier notes, you need to import the spreadsheet and thus create the departures at first. Then, update the already created departures with a supplier note. Please, check out the following article for more information:

This method works fine for a few departures, but if you need to create a whole batch, then the best way would be to create a CSV file including all the required fields: Start date, End date, Adult rate, Supplier cost, Code/Time, Block, Product note. It is necessary to separate your CSV file in text format by commas. Once you have created the complete file, just copy and paste the information in the text field and follow the same process as described above.

Once you have created the excel file, then you can save it as a CSV separated by comma:


Finally, you just need to copy and paste it without the headers in TourCMS. You can safely import 2000 tours (lines) at once.