Asynchronous Booking notification webhook (article)

Blanca Castillo
Blanca Castillo
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Where do I find it?




What does it mean?

In general, webhooks are methods used to send real-time data from one application to another. It enables one system to automatically notify another when an event occurs, allowing immediate updates and actions without constant polling or manual intervention.

An asynchronous webhook means that TourCMS will accept bookings that have passed the Check Availability stage based on its own availability, and the webhook will be notified afterward. It supports booking process events plus cancellations, payment notifications, etc. You can have multiple asynchronous webhooks per booking. There is a limit of 10 asynchronous webhooks per account. However, if you require more, don't hesitate to get in touch with our support team (

The asynchronous booking webhook is called when one of several events happens on a booking (see "Triggers" below). Useful if you wish to:

  • Create your own vouchers
  • Synchronize a payment in TourCMS to your accounting system
  • Synchronize a new booking in TourCMS to an external reservation system
  • Synchronize customer data from a booking to an external CRM system


One of the following events, related to the Flag notifications staff receive:

  • new_confirmed_staff - A new "Confirmed" status booking made by staff *
  • new_confirmed_web - A new "Confirmed" status booking, made via the booking engine / API *
  • new_provisional_staff - A new "Provisional" status booking, made by staff *
  • new_provisional_web - A new "Provisional" status booking, made via the booking engine / API *
  • new_quotation_staff - A new "Quotation" status booking made by staff *
  • new_quotation_web - A new "Quotation" status booking made by the booking engine / API *
  • cancelled - A booking is cancelled
  • expq_quotation - A "Quotation" status booking is expired
  • expp_provisional - A "Provisional" status booking is expired
  • redeem_voucher - One or more of the components on a booking have been redeemed
  • token_success - Successful payment from an email request for payment (token)
  • token_failure - Unsuccessful payment from an email request for payment (token)

"New" booking notifications are also triggered when an existing booking changes status, e.g. a booking changing from "Provisional" to "Confirmed" would trigger the new_confirmed_web / _staff event.

Generally, you should code for three primary events: new_confirmed_web, new_confirmed_staff, cancelled.


What should I do?

To create a new webhook go to Configuration > System & Setup > Booking Webhooks, then click on the “Create new booking webhook” button.


Then, select the asynchronous webhook:



Enter a name and the corresponding URL:



In the next step, you can specify the events that will trigger the webhook:



Following that, choose the channels where you wish to implement the webhook (all or just selected channels):



Finally, select all the tours or only the tours you want to include or enter the tours you want to exclude (all tours or include some tours or exclude some tours):


TourCMS will immediately begin calling it when any of the above-selected events trigger.

Please, find more information about the Booking Notification webhook here.