Managing users (article)

Susana Moleón Moya
Susana Moleón Moya
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Create a new user

Only Account Owners are allowed to create a new user, you can work with one or more account owners of the same account. You can manage users and create new ones from Homepage -> Configuration -> Users. There you'll find a form to be filled in with the user information (fields pointed with a * are mandatory)


If you need to create a Staff user then keep this option, but if you need to create a supplier user then you have to switch to Supplier user and select the corresponding supplier name. Note: you should have created the supplier in advance. After that, please don't forget to click on Create a new user account.

The new user account will appear immediately as part of the table. If you have so many users that it's difficult to find one of them, then you can use the field "Name/Email" in order to look for a specific user in the table.


Permissions and main setup

Here you can manage permissions, main settings, login information and security information.

Main settings

Here you can activate or deactivate a user and change the password, for that you have to click on Suggest a new password and if you tick the box the system will email the new password to the user. Please, don't forget to Save the changes (at the bottom of the page).


Name & Email address

Here you can update the user and corporate information:



Here you can define the maximum session duration, restricts the access only from a certain IP address or restrict the access to TourCMS app only.


Super powers

Area access permission


Here you can manage the permission to bookings, Customers & Enquiries, you can also allow the user to do check-in/voucher redemption. You can also restrict the access to a certain group of bookings by selecting a specific Product filter.




Product & Services

Apart from the product and services permissions, here you can allow the user to be able to see and edit net rates. It's also possible to restrict the access to a subset of tours contained in a specific Product filter.


Access to different sections from the Homepage

Apart from defining what of these sections will be accessible for this user from the Homepage, you can allow this user to receive an email when any other user is locked out as a result of too many failed login attempts.


 Important: Please, don't forget to Save the changes (at the bottom of the page).


Note that you can now download the list of users from your account. If you click here:


It automatically downloads an excel file like this one: