Promo codes (article)

Susana Moleón Moya
Susana Moleón Moya
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Promo codes are short pieces of text (e.g. "SUMMERSALE", "10PERCENT") that can be entered by customers at the time of booking, enabling them to receive a discount.

You could advertise a promo code on your website/email marketing to run a late/early booking sale, give a promo code to an organization to offer their staff/members a discount on your tours or generate a single-use promo code for a customer as a goodwill gesture.

Promo codes can:

  • Apply a percentage discount to a booking.
  • Require the client to provide a membership number (e.g. AAA)
  • Be limited in the number of uses (A single-use promo code can work as a gift voucher for a tour or as a goodwill gesture to a particular client)

Additional options include limiting codes to apply only to:

  • Certain tours.
  • Certain days of the week.
  • Specific travel or booking dates.
  • Certain rate types

Promo code discounts do not apply to credit card or booking fees or local payments (cash).

100% promo code discounts are possible. When setting these up, check that the booking comes through as confirmed. (It will do so if you have configured a successful, full credit card payment to convert a booking to Confirmed).

Setup & use

Creating promo codes:

To create promo codes head to Configuration > System & Setup > Promo and gift codes.


Enter the promo code that customers will enter to get a discount ("10OFF") or generate a random code, and assign a name to it.


Setting up promo codes:

Choose a name and usage limit for the promo code. Be sure it is set to active.



Within the Day & date restrictions section, you can configure a date range for the promo code. The date range can refer to when the booking is made (for example, a specific week in which clients can book with a discount, no matter when they want to travel) or to the travel date (a promo code to travel within certain dates), or a combination of both.

Moreover, you can decide which days of the week you want the promo code to be valid (according to the tour start date). For example, the promo code could be valid only on weekdays, in which case clients would always pay the full price on weekends.


Promo codes can now be limited to specific markups:

Within the Applicable tours & options section, you can choose which tours the promo code applies to (a single tour, multiple tours, or all of your tours).


If a tour has options, you can decide if you want the promo code to apply to the options or if you want them to be offered at a full price, even if the tour has a discount.


Furthermore, you can configure the promo code so that it is only valid if the customer enters a membership number.


Adding promo codes to a booking

To enable promo code entry via the customer booking engine head to Configuration > Channel > Step 3 - Customer information.






Staff can enter a promo code at the point of booking creation or afterward via the Add Promo link under the Product tab on the booking edit screen. 




To build promo code functionality into your API powered booking website/app:

Redemption & reporting

TourCMS vouchers include details of any promotional code used.