Tours general settings (article)

Susana Moleón Moya
Susana Moleón Moya
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Here you can set up your tour key features as a general setting for all your tours. Please go to CONFIGURATION > SYSTEM & SETUP -> Tours general settings

Default new tour settings

We can set here the default country for newly created tours to your base of operations.


Tour images

TourCMS by default requires pictures with a quite high quality of at least 1500 pixels in width. This makes a lot of sense as many OTAs will pull the pictures from your tours and display them on their own websites. And we all surely want them to look as good and inviting as possible, right? Sure you can switch to “OK images” but we strongly advise against this. 


Product & price types

Under “Product and price types” we find more settings.

  • Show hotel product type -> you should select "Show" if your products type is hotels instead of tours.
  • Show costs -> it's possible to show the supplier costs for our tours provided by a supplier. You just need to select "Show", although "Hide" is selected by default.
  • In “Show departure languages” you’ll find a way to customize the languages available on your tours, but there is another way to work with languages that proved to be handled much better by the various OTAs. That's using product notes for every single departure.
  • “Show private rate fields” isn’t necessary if you’re already working with the Palisis Ticketing System. It would allow other downstream systems to hook the various rates in between them. The same goes for the options under “Tour departures” so we can click on “save changes” and then return to your account homepage.


Tour departures

  • Ask First -> A tour departure is a fixed date trip, and it can be in one of 3 different status (Open, Ask First or Closed). Here you can define if your tours will have an "Ask First" status for customer/travel agents ask you before making a booking.
  • Block availability control -> you can define here how to use the block value


Note: Please, don't forget to Save changes at the bottom.