Creating Special Offers (article)

Susana Moleón Moya
Susana Moleón Moya
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Once you have created your tour with its schedule and prices, then you are able to create special offers for that tour. Creating "Special Offers" is a great strategy to highlight your tour and improve your sales by positively influencing your customers. As an example, when you create a Special Offer in TourCMS, it can be marked on the webpage of any connected sales agent like this:


Let's see below how we can achieve that behavior:

First, you need to navigate to Homepage -> Tours and click on "DATES & PRICES" on the tour you want to mark as a special offer.


After that, then scroll to the bottom of the page and click on “Update multiple departure dates at once” as we're going to edit a multitude of departures.


The following page has two basic sections:

Above the line, you find filters where you can choose which departures get edited. As we're having a rather crude setup in our existing departures, we can just distinguish by date range and/or days of the week. 


(Please take note that if you have departures that are distinguishable by more qualities (like departure time, product note et al.) you also have more filters at your disposal.)

Let's say we want to set all Mondays on sale. We tick on "Specific day of the week" and choose Monday in the drag-down window beside it.

After this, we can go to the second part of this page, below the line. Here we must change the data we want to change on those departures. Please, scroll to the bottom of the page until “Special Offer”, select the option “Change Special Offer to” and input the special price. You can write a note for each channel if you want, but that's something totally optional.


Finally, please click on “Update matching departures".

Note: Please note that this Special offer price ONLY affects the “Adult” price.