How to add multiple departures per day (article)

Susana Moleón Moya
Susana Moleón Moya
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In this article we will explain how to add multiple tour departures per day with different start and ending times.

For your selected tour, navigate to Setup > Times & Cutoffs and select Multiple start & end times. 


If you have not added any departures yet, you should go to Dates & Prices > 1 day tour/activity generator at the bottom of the page.


Then configure the season dates, days of the week you will run this departure, prices, a supplier note if needed (e.g the language of the tour if you have many departures at the same time but in different languages) and the start and end time of the tour. To finish, click on Create departures.


These new departures will be added to the Dates & Prices page of your tour:


To add more departures simply repeat the process. 

How should I add multiple departures with time if I already had departures added without time? 

In case you have already created departures with no time settings, as the image below shows, you can start by updating those departures and then adding new ones.


First of all, as in the first case, go to Set up > Times & Cutoffs and select Multiple start & end times.

Go to the bottom of the page in Dates & Prices and click on Update multiple departures at once.


You will then be able to update your existing departures. Select the departures and dates you would like to change (in this example we chose all future dates), then click on Change time to and insert the start and ending time.


After this, return to Dates & prices > 1 day tour/activity generator and add the rest of the departures as previously explained. 

If you have any doubts or issues when trying to add multiple time departures to your products, please write to