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Susana Moleón Moya
Susana Moleón Moya
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In addition to storing and selling your products, TourCMS can be used to generate a wide range of tour operator communication documents between you and your customers and suppliers and internal staff. Items such as welcome packs, confirmation emails, invoices, and rooming lists can be generated.

A selection of templates is provided below to help get you started, if you are struggling to make a template you want or if you have made a useful template you'd like to share please email

  • Some of the documents provided on this page include the TourCMS logo as an example only, just replace the TourCMS logo with your own.
  • All templates are provided "as is" for the purpose of demonstrating TourCMS document generation, if any are to be used as part of a legally binding contract you should ensure the contents are correct.
  • The RTF documents are designed with A4 sized paper in mind, if you are using another size such Letter may need to do some tweaking.

Sample documentation templates


New booking email (More info) Booking Email Preview Download
Balance due soon Booking Email Preview Download
Balance due Booking Email Preview Download
Balance overdue Booking Email Preview Download
Payment acknowledgement Booking Email Preview Download
Quotation Booking Email Preview Download
Welcome letter / Welcome Pack cover letter Booking RTF Preview Download
Manual booking form / additional customer details Booking RTF Preview Download
Customer invoice (More info) Booking RTF Preview Download
Agent invoice (More info) Booking RTF Preview Download
Agent final balance received Booking Email Preview Download
Book a component with a supplier Tour / Option RTF Preview Download
ATOL UK Certificate Tour RTF Preview Download
ATOL receipt / e-ticket Tour RTF Preview Download
Feedback email Booking Email Preview Download
Customer envelopes Booking RTF Preview Download

For day tour operators who want high volume voucher issuing and redemption (including on mobile devices) please see the TourCMS voucher redemption functionality. These vouchers, including barcodes, are designed for use within visitor centers and ticket booths.

Many thanks to the TourCMS customers who have contributed sample templates.

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