Trust My Travel (article)

Susana Moleón Moya
Susana Moleón Moya
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Merchant facilities for travel companies, especially start-ups, can be hard to come by. Trust My Travel specializes in offering payment solutions for travel companies, either with one of their group schemes or with your own merchant account covered by their trust account.


Once you are signed up with Trust My Travel they will give you an API token that can be used with TourCMS.

To set up your Trust My Travel gateway in TourCMS, head to "Setup" > "Credit card payments", create a new gateway of type "Trust My Travel" and enter the following:

Enter your Trust My Travel username
Enter your Trust My Travel password
channel id
Enter your Trust My travel channel id
channel secret
Enter your Trust My travel channel secret
site path
Enter your Trust My travel site path for the account

You can obtain that info by logging into your account in TMT back-office.


TourCMS hosted solutions

Trust My Travel (TMT) is fully integrated within the regular TourCMS hosted booking engine, email token-based payment process (for requesting payments via email) and back-office refunds.

Integrate TMT into your own solution

If you want to work with your own integration of Trust My Travel you should follow instructions for the TMT modal.

Once you have your payment stored, you should use the TourCMS create payment API and pass the required info such as the payment PSP reference and the amount to the TourCMS booking. To enable refunds, pass the Trust My Travel reference as follows (this example assumes the TMT infinity gateway is configured in your TourCMS Channel as the web gateway):




  • No concept of "authorization only" transactions
  • Test VISA Success: 4111111111111111 (any future expiry date)
  • Test VISA Payment failure: 4012888888881881 (any future expiry date)
  • Year expiry has to be 4 digits
  • Refunds for Trust My Travel made payments can be initiated in the TourCMS back office