Quantity based pricing (article)

Susana Moleón Moya
Susana Moleón Moya
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IMPORTANT: Due to new distribution partners that are not capable of dealing with quantity based pricing, we advise against the use of this functionality.

Sell at different prices for different quantities (e.g. 2 people at 100 EUR each, 3 people at 75 EUR each)

For tour departures/tour freesale (i.e not hotel product)

To turn on quantity based pricing go to tour setup (for the tour), rates tab, turn on quantity based pricing.


You can then load prices (and supplier costs) for between 1 and 50 people on a booking (departures) or 1 and 10 (freesale). If there are more than 50 (or 10) people on a booking the 50+/10+ price will be used. 

For quantity based pricing for more than 50 people then you have to use options e.g. large group discount or you could, like for tailor-made tours, edit prices within a booking (once received).

Example #1
Price loaded for 1: 100 EUR
Price loaded for 2: 90 EUR
Price loaded for 3: 80 EUR


2 people on a booking, 2 x 90 EUR= 180€


3 people on a booking, 3 x 80 EUR= 240€


Example #2
You can set an x 1 rule.


To recreate the example #1:

Price loaded for 1: 100 EUR
Price loaded for 2: 180 EUR
Price loaded for 3: 240 EUR


i.e. you can load the final calculated price rather than the per person price: 


Example #3
Again using the x 1 rule:

Price loaded for 1: 120 EUR
Price loaded for 2: 200 EUR
Price loaded for 3: 200 EUR


i.e. the thrid person goes free!